Looking for a ute to help you with your trade? Wanting to grow your business or have customised toolbox fitted.

At SB Finance, we specialise in UTE Finance and have a variety of lenders with specialised niche lending areas. Give us a call to discuss UTE finance options today!

Commercial loans can offer significant tax benefits. At SB Finance we have access to some of Australia’s top lenders when it comes to UTE finance. Speak with our team to see how we can potentially save you money.

Some types of UTE finance available are below.

SB finance does not offer personal advice and aims to provide information which is factual and in-line with lenders requirements and a customers best interest. We encourage you to  to seek independent legal and financial advice before proceeding. our credit guide and Privacy disclosure is available on our website. 

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A fixed loan where the financier advances money to buy a Van. The financier holds a mortgage over the van which is used as security for the loan however the buyer is the owner of the vehicle. A chattel mortgage requires the vehicle to be used for less than 50% personal use, meaning it is a commercial loan. Motorists can finance the total purchase price of the van or can make an up-front deposit or can use a trade-in. A balloon payment may also be placed at the end of the term. Repayments can be fixed on lower interest rates as its secured. Interest and depreciation is tax deductible

Finance Lease

The financier buys the ute and then leases it to the motorist. This offers the immediate use of the ute with little or no capital outlay. These leases are available for individuals and businesses where the ute is for business purposes. The motorist pays fixed, monthly rental payments and is financially responsible for the maintenance and trade-in residual risk of the ute. At the end of the lease period, the motorist is given the option to refinance, return, sell or buy the ute for the residual amount. The lease payment comes out of the customer’s pre-tax income. Total repayment is tax deductible but GST is payable

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Frequently asked questions

At SB Finance we have access to a very large panel of lenders that can lend from $5,000 to $100,000 with a low-doc option and can lend up-to $500,000 if financials are provided. The total amount borrowed will vary depending on an applicant’s financial position, application and meeting lenders guidelines.  Speak to one of our team for a free assessment!

Yes! you can look at several different loan options including a consumer loan, lease or a commercial asset loan such as a chattel mortgage. Speak to one of our team today to discuss how we can help you get a loan to suit you. We can have an obligation free chat to discuss your requirements and will guide you through the process of what is required to apply.

Some benefits of chattel mortgage are:

· Full amount of the asset can be financed

· Balloon payment options available

· Fixed interest repayments for the term of the loan

· Term options from 1-7 years

· Purchase new, used, dealer or private.

· Sole-trader structure, partnerships, companies, car-allowance employees and trusts can be eligible for this product

· Low-doc products available

· Ability to claim the interest and depreciation if the asset is used to generate an assessable income

· Vehicle is owned registered by the borrower.

· Helps with cash-flow

When making a decision you should speak with your accountant and seek your own independent advice on what loan product would suit you best.

Yes! With access to some of Australia’s largest lenders, we do have lenders on our panel that will consider bad credit or defaults subject to the application. Speak with our team to find out more!

Depending on the nature of the loan, it could be processed within 24 hours however turn-over times will depend on the lender and the application. We endeavour to get you processed and approved in the shortest time possible.

There are several ways you can apply, all of which are simple. you can contact us on 1300 172 346 or email info@sbfin.com.au to speak with our team. alternatively, you can speak to us via any of our social media platforms or fill in the quick quote form on our page and we can reach out to you.