Personal Loan vs Credit Card

Personal Loan vs Credit Card

 Personal Loan vs Credit Cards

We get asked often; ‘What is better, a personal loan or paying by credit card?’

There is no simple answer for this as it depends on what you are purchasing, your financial situation and spending habits among other things. Both are forms of credit in the form of Credit Cards and Personal Loans provided by financial institutions but each can have their own advantage. Both will have fees, charges, advantages, disadvantages, and limitations. The biggest major point of difference is personal loans have a set term whereas credit cards are an ongoing line of credit that remains available to re-draw up-to and including the limit. Both forms of credit require a form of ongoing monthly payment. Below we outline the pros and cons of both options.

Credit Cards

Credit cards offer the benefit of instant spending ability and help with cash-flow. They often times have rewards programs where points accumulate based on spending and don’t have a set term.

With a credit card, you are set to a credit limit (that may be increased or decreased depending on the provider’s requirements) and you will repay a percentage of your spending each month.

A downside to credit cards is that they usually have higher interest rates and as they only require a minimum payment, they can take a longer period of time for paying off. They are best used for smaller purchases that can be paid off in a short period of time. such purchases would include electronics, white goods or general shopping.

Personal Loans

Personal loans may offer lower interest rates than the credit card alternative and they have terms with a start and end date. The application process may be a little more comprehensive but may be suitable for larger purchases such as a holiday, engagement ring or wedding, debt consolidation or even home renovations.

Ultimately the better option would depend on the scenario. Sometimes neither option is the cheapest and alternatives need to be considered such as a secured car loan if the purchase was for a vehicle.

Making a choice between Credit Card and Personal Loan

Things to consider would be:

  • The true cost of the loan including interest rate and all fees and charges which would be reflected in the comparison rate?
  • What will you be using the funds for and is there a chance the amount can increase?
  • How do you intend to pay it off and will the repayment have an impact on your day to day spending?
  • Are there any early repayment fees, application fees, annual or monthly account keeping fees?
  • If consolidating debt, will the new loan put you in a better or worse position?

Looking for a Personal Loan?

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